How to chose one suit power hammer

An Investment

Buying a powerhammer for your shop is an investment that will pay back dividends in many ways. You’ll be able to work more shapes and sizes of metal than you ever thought possible. You’ll be able to do this with less physical energy, and in less time than you imagined. Creative doors will open for you, making you more valuable to your clients. And that, my friends, means greater profits, and more time to go fishing!

Select the Make

First, you must figure out which hammer to buy. I’ll assume you’ve already separated the wheat from the chaff, anyang ST hammer frame use one piece casting, the frame casting lifelong warranty. The new design L type realize the top die will not retract into the cylinder, it is much easier to change dies and top die dimension will be free. The installing team have over 20 years experience to produce air hammers. The affortable price and excellent reputation is why you should chose it.


ST can supply Power Hammers  15kg, 25kg, 40kg, 55kg, 75kg and 110kg. can meet all requirements for the blacksmith, bladesmith etc metalsmith. also can supply 6 kinds of optional forging dies to help your working efficiency. more kinds of dies under designing.

Select the Motor

Second, STH-15KG air hammer can fit with 3 phase or single phase motor. from STH-25kg to STH-110KG only can fit 3 phase motor, but can use VFD to realize the hammer can run in your family single phase electric system.

Dies, Dies, Dies!

Third, decide which dies you’d like with your new hammer. They come with ST hammer only flat dies, we also can supply 6 kinds of die you can chose, more type dies are under design, or can custom according to your sketch. The die material is use die alloy steel, not like some supplier use 1045 steel.

Dies for power hammer
Dies for st power hammer


You will need a base for the hammer. Power Hammers will provide you with a base plan from which you can fabricate your own base, or you can purchase one of our steel bases. In this case, the hammer and base are shipped assembled, so installation is simply a matter of placing the 5 neoprene strips beneath the base, lowering the unit onto the strips and installing the front angle iron restraining bar to the floor. There is also a safety cover above the pedal, it can protect your shoes and foot, and can hold your forging tools .




All the ST power hammers be produced brand new, because our production is continuously and get enough parts inventory, but need custom the electric element to suit your electric standard. so the delivery time need 30-45 days. not like other suppliers need 3-5 month.


Our warranty covers defective parts for a period of 1 year. We keep a good supply of parts on hand and many are off the shelf standards, such as  Schneider electric element.

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