ST Power Hammer from 15kg to 110kg

ST Power Hammer is one kind of self contained forging hammers, no need extra compressor, save place and  designed for  blacksmith shops, welding and fabricating plants, maintenance facilities and schools. The ST Power Hammer comes with flat dies.

ST Power Hammer in Norway

Anyang ST Forging Tools factory has improved the overall design greatly, ST series power hammers advantages include:

1, The upper die not retract into the cylinder, it will help to change dies and can install tools on the die.

2, Heavier anvil and stronger frame, it will improve the forging efficiency and reduce noisy and shake.

ST 40KG Power Hammer Will be Shipped to Norway

3, Electric parts use Schneider brand, durable and replaceable.

power hammer switch

4,  15kg – 55kg hammer not need to make specially foundation, installed on your concrete floor is OK, it’s better your concrete thickness over 100mm.

5, We change the hammer exhaust system, you can exhaust the oil-gas out side of your shop, will avoid the oil-gas hurt your breathe.

st power hammer

6,  Light below and heavy below controlled by our foot pedal, very easy to operate.

7, All the power hammers will be wired and tested before shipping, only plug it into your socket can run well.

anyang hammer

8, Waste lubricating oil can be collected, keep your shop clean.

9, New design oiler, can control the oil flowing strictly, even one drop per 3-5 second.

new oiler
new oiler of power hammer

10, 15kg to 55kg ST power hammer installed guide plate above the pedal, it will stop hot scale falling on your foot, you also can put your tangs and tools on it.

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Optional Dies of ST Power Hammer

ST not only only supply flat die, also can supply kinds of optional dies include 1# Drawing die, 2# Fullering die, 3# Drawing / flat die, 4# Fullering / flat die, 5# Crown die, 6# Heavy Fullering die. All the dies use wider design, the weight and dimension is bigger than others.

Die pictures as below:

Dies for st power hammer

 What’s Self Contained Power Hammer

What exactly does self contained mean? Instead of having a noisy, expensive, high pressure, high maintenance reciprocating air compressor to provide the air-motive force, STH Series Air Hammer use a low pressure, high volume system completely contained and integral to the machine. The motor drives a large flywheel via notched v-belts. The flywheel is connected via a pitman bearing and connecting rod to the rear piston. Basically, as the rear piston is pushed up, the front piston can come down, it’s depth of stroke determined by the position of the main valve, which is operated by the foot control. The result is excellent control, always enough air, less noise, greater reliability and a more productive and satisfying hammering experience.

Unmatched Versatility

The nature of air hammers provides a versatility unmatched by any other type of hammer. A wide range of stock sizes can be worked interchangeably. There are no springs or arms to adjust when going from wide to flat. We have successfully forged, .5 x 6″ mild steel, edgewise, as in the crown of this gate. Square A36 steel bar up to 2-1/2″ square is readily worked and larger sizes are possible. Power isn’t everything, though, and the ST power hammer is also a sensitive guy capable of light planishing blows or tapering .25″ rounds.

Low Working Temperature

Anyang ST power hammer use specially treatment on the cylinder and piston, make sure the friction surfaces have good finish, improve the controllable and reduce the working temperature.

st power hammer
63.3 degree is tested after running 2 hours.

ST Power Hammer Parameter

Model STH-15STH-25STH-40STH-55STH-75STH-110
Weight of falling partskg1525405575110
Hitting frequencymin-1300250245230210180
Height of working areamm160240245270295355
Depth of throatmm170235270300330400
CapacitySquare mm30×3040×4050×5060×6065×65110×110
CapacityRound mmΦ35Φ45Φ65Φ75Φ85Φ120
Motor powerkw2.2347.57.515
Weight with basekg54011001350170026003300

ST Power hammer pictures

15kg and 75kg st hammer
15kg and 75kg st hammer
75kg power hammer
75kg power hammer
15kg st hammer in USA
15kg st hammer in USA

Power Hammer Videos of Anyang ST